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Dr. Preston Dantoni, D.C.


Dr. Preston Dantoni is the owner of Gate City Health. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida, received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, and continued his training at the Scoliosis Correction Clinic in Celebration, FL. Dr. Preston has extensive experience and advanced certifications in spinal correction, exercise, and nutrition.

At 27, Dr. Preston had emergency brain surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor. After being sent home from surgery with a bag of pills but no advice, nutrition plan, or rehab program, he experienced severe memory loss and cognitive issues. Desperate for help, he went through an intensive chiropractic treatment program. The improvement in his recovery was indescribable. Because of this personal health experience, Dr. Preston understands how easy it is to lose hope and slip into anxiety and depression. However, the redemption he experienced first hand is what he continues to fight for on behalf of his patients. He teaches his patients about true prevention and health through the Five Essentials so that they may live their lives to the fullest potential.

Dr. Kevin Apel, D.C.


Dr. Kevin Apel graduated with his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Rutgers University but changed his path. As a collegiate baseball athlete, he used chiropractic to maintain his health, prevent injuries, and improve performance. Dr. Kevin then received his doctorate alongside Dr. Preston from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2015. His extensive work history includes 4 years at other MaxLiving Health Centers, one of which is the Scoliosis Correction Clinic, and 2 years at the Spine & Rehabilitation Center of West NY where he continued to utilize scoliosis and structural correction techniques. He is passionate about incorporating his knowledge of sports, nutrition, & exercise along with his training in spinal and structural correction to help each individual patient’s body function and heal to their full capacity.

Laura Dantoni

Health Center Director

Laura is the executive director and owner of Gate City Health with her husband, Dr. Preston Dantoni. She graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a bachelor’s degree in Professional Health Studies and master’s degree in Oriental Medicine.

After experiencing the power of acupuncture first hand, the dream of opening a health center was born. She struggled with digestive issues for years but found relief by getting to the cause through chiropractic care. Laura’s intention is to walk with individuals towards a healthier life of less medications, avoiding surgeries, and improving mindset. She has a strong belief that everyone was created with the ability to take control of their thoughts and experience positive life change through this practice. Her goal is to see the healthcare system shift from reactive and symptom based to proactive, preventative, and wellness based.

Linda Mundy

X-Ray Technologist – Spinal Rehab Department

Linda is a proud native of New Mexico, growing up in the small town of Roswell but later moved to Albuquerque. Here, she dedicated 15 years to an e-commerce manufacturing firm and was able to help people from all over the world with their cosmetology needs.

In 2016, she earned her Associates Degree of Applied Science for Radiographic Technology and found passion within the medical industry. Realizing that every x-ray helps the doctor with diagnosing and deciding the best possible care for each patient, she feels excited to help attain specific, accurate information on a case by case basis.

In January of 2018, Linda made North Carolina her new home state and has enjoyed exploring Greensboro! During her free time, she enjoys long drives, random exploration, and spending quality time with her family.

Brooke Sanchez

Office Manager

Brooke, originally from Hawaii, has lived in California and Colorado before making Greensboro her home for the last 13 years.

Connecting with other people has always been a source of joy and necessity for Brooke’s happiness. Throughout her career, Brooke has found purpose in serving others with empathy and integrity. She has enjoyed roles in the banking and hospitality industries, community outreach, and artisan baking. A common thread has always been the desire for lifelong learning.

Brooke seeks to live a healthy life through natural alternatives and that quest for knowledge is ongoing. In her spare time, she loves to pursue adventures as a “foodie”. Destinations and interesting cuisine are essential parts of her life. For Brooke, spending quality time with her children and family is the most fulfilling part of life.

Haley Privett

From Winston-Salem, Haley studied Communications at East Carolina University. 

After graduation she worked remotely while soaking in the sun with her feet in the sand on a small, family friendly island. A year later she moved to Raleigh to sharpen her skills in sales, effective communication, and establishing professional relationships. After three years, she felt something calling her to return home to the Triad. Haley has experienced back pain and digestive issues for over a decade. Although being active and practicing healthy habits her entire life, such as yoga and preparing home cooked meals, she rarely felt relief. Chiropractic care has been an answered prayer and changed her life!

Now, she thrives on encouraging others that they can do it too! It has become clear to her: she knows why she was meant to return home, besides being closer to family. She was meant to lend a helping hand, educate others, and uplift the Greensboro Community! In her free time, she enjoys visiting the beach every chance she gets, playing with her nephew, and spending time outdoors!

Aubrey Ludlow

Originally from Central California, Aubrey fell in love with North Carolina after coming for a Discipleship School in 2022.

Before coming to Gate City Health, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance and worked as a Stretch Practitioner where she found her passion for helping people find healing and greater mobility in their bodies. Aubrey has struggled with chronic pain and has always felt her best when consistently going to the chiropractor.

She finds fulfillment in sharing from personal experience and seeing lives changed from the miraculous powers of partnering with a body that was designed to heal! Her favorite part about Gate City Health is the opportunity to allow every patient to feel seen and cared for in whatever stage they are in on their healing journey!

Get Started on Your Wellness Transformation

We strive to encourage, educate, and empower our community to experience maximum health. We LOVE what we do and nothing brings us more joy than celebrating life-change with the people and families we help.

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