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Feeling Stressed and In Pain? Chiropractic Adjustment Greensboro May Be Right For You!

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Chiropractic Adjustment: What Is It and How Does it Work?

Even though there are a lot of people who know about chiropractic care, some still don't understand how it works and what chiropractors do. Before you decide whether or not to visit a chiropractor for your medical needs, you'll want to read the following article that explains exactly what chiropractic is and what purposes it serves.

Chiropractic medicine is an alternative medicine practice that is centered on the belief that different illnesses and diseases can be successfully treated by manipulating the spine and other parts of your body. The origins of chiropractic medicine began with Daniel David Palmer, a self-taught healer who first discovered the 'hidden knowledge' behind this philosophy.  With this procedure, the patient's health will be restored to its proper condition by removing any interferences that are preventing your nervous system from working as it should. Chiropractic treatment has been used as an alternative and complementary method of treating musculoskeletal and joint problems; the most common one being back pain.

The reason why chiropractic treatment is becoming a popular form of alternative medicine is that it has been proven to be effective in providing pain relief and reducing muscle tension. People who have suffered from musculoskeletal problems that usually affect the spine or joints can benefit from chiropractic adjustments in Greensboro. These patients get remedies such as cervical manipulations, high-velocity thrusts, and spinal decompression, just to name a few.

Chiropractors like Dr. Preston Dantoni of Gate City Health Greensboro FL. believe that the skeletal structure of the body is closely related to your nervous system and its functions, this practice aims to produce a therapeutic effect by treating these tissues and structures. Different chiropractic adjustments in Greensboro are handled very carefully so as not to inflict more pain on a patient's condition.

Since a chiropractor specializes in the study and application of natural health care, insurance companies usually do not cover these types of treatments or procedures. However, you should know that if you have been diagnosed with spine problems or severe pain from other medical conditions, your doctor might consider taking advantage of chiropractic medicine as an alternative treatment for you.

Why Chiropractic Adjustment Matters?

Professional chiropractor performing a spinal adjustment on a patient in a clinic.

Being an alternative treatment method, chiropractic medicine can be applied in cases that include:

  • neck pain- if you are suffering from pain in your neck, Gate City Health Greensboro, FL. can provide the right kind of relief for this condition.
  • back pain- whether it is acute or chronic back pains, chiropractic treatment makes use of different techniques to make sure that the patient will not have to suffer any longer.
  • headaches- if you have been experiencing different types of headaches, you should find out how chiropractic can help make the pain go away.
  • car accident injuries- this treatment method is also ideal for patients who have suffered from injuries that were sustained due to car accidents.
  • headaches-  this condition usually causes pain on the back of your head and needs to be treated as soon as possible.
  • shoulder problem- this is often caused by various conditions, including arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • hip pain- this type of pain can develop into a more dangerous medical problem, like a fracture or broken bone.
  • spinal stenosis- this is a common medical condition involving compression or restriction of the spinal cord.
  • stress- if you are under a lot of stress lately, we can provide natural solutions that will help you get rid of the tension.
  • sciatica- back pain and leg pain can be treated with different procedures and techniques offered by chiropractors.
  • anxiety-  if you are suffering from tension and anxiety, chiropractic care is safe to undergo even when you are pregnant.

What Is Involved In Chiropractic Adjustment?

We use a number of chiropractic adjustment techniques depending on the patient's condition and the severity of the problem:

1. Diversified- this technique is used to adjust your spine and all other joints in your body, including shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and ankles. It also involves twisting and turning to make sure that the body's joints, tissues, and muscles are working properly.

2. Flexion-distraction- this is a manual procedure that involves gentle bending and stretching of your spine to take pressure off the discs and nerves present in your back, allowing for better movement and flexibility.

3. Decompression- also known as spinal decompression, this technique is used to stretch the spine and take pressure off your spinal cord.

4. Extremity adjusting- chiropractors make use of their hands to adjust joints in all four limbs (arms and legs).

5. Muscle energy- also referred to as an indirect method, muscle energy involves the use of the patient's body weight to adjust the spine, pelvis, or other parts of the body.

6. Gonstead- this is a direct method used to adjust a patient's spines based on the location of misalignment.

7. Toggle drop- similar to Gonstead, this technique also involves precise adjustments of different spinal regions using minimal thrusts that are equally effective.

8. Instrument adjusting- this technique is done with the help of a drop table, which makes use of an instrument to adjust lower and upper leg muscles and joints.

9. Applied kinesiology- also known as AK, this technique involves using muscles to identify areas that can be adjusted by your chiropractor.

10. Joint adjustment- this technique is used to adjust the joints of your arms and legs.

11. Sacro occipital technique- or SOT, this technique makes use of a specialized table that helps restore balance in your pelvis and spine by minimizing any imbalances found in these regions.

12. CranioSacral therapy- also known as CST, this technique involves the use of gentle pressure to the bones in your head and sacrum to improve circulation.

13. Orthopedic Extremity Adjusting- unlike other chiropractic adjustment Greensboro techniques, this method is mainly used to treat sports injuries.

14. Heel lifts/ orthotics- these are custom-made inserts placed inside the patient's shoes to provide proper support and balance.

15. Myofascial release- this technique is used to stretch your muscles, tissues, and fascia (a protective layer that covers the body's muscles) in order to reduce pressure on your nerves.

16. Sacroiliac joint adjusting- this method involves adjusting the sacral (pelvic) region which can be done manually or mechanically.

17. Trigger point therapy- this technique involves applying pressure to specific trigger points, tight bands of muscle that cause pain, and other symptoms in the body.

18. Kinesio taping- unlike other techniques, Kinesio taping does not involve any manual adjustments. It is instead used to support your muscles, joints, and other affected areas of the body.

19. Ligamentous articular strain- this chiropractic adjustment technique involves gentle pressure being applied to the ligaments in order to improve the range of motion for your joints.

The above are just some of the chiropractic techniques that can be used in order to deliver the much-needed adjustments that your body needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractor demonstrating a spinal adjustment technique on a patient in a modern chiropractic clinic.

It is no secret that chiropractic adjustment has the ability to relieve pain and discomfort that may be caused by different injuries. But what many people don't know is that it also has several other benefits including:

  • Relieving pressure on your nerves- misalignment of joints can cause pressure on your nerves, which can lead to pain, tingling, numbness, and even loss of coordination.
  • Allowing proper blood flow- misalignment can also cause compression in your arteries, which reduces blood supply to your tissues including your muscles, bones, and organs. Chiropractic adjustments aid in improving blood flow by opening up these compressed areas.
  • Improving range of motion- this is especially true in patients suffering from injuries to their joints. Chiropractic technique can be used to help improve the range of motion in these areas, which provides you with better locomotion and flexibility.
  • Boosting your immune system- strengthening the muscles surrounding your spine helps prevent misalignment that can interfere with proper nerve transmission in the body. This allows your nervous system to function properly and helps you maintain a strong immune system.

Common Injuries That Can Be Treated By Chiropractic Adjustment

Different injuries have different symptoms, which is why it is important to consult your doctor as soon as you can. If not addressed early, these injuries can worsen and cause more damage to your body. Here are some of the most common injuries that chiropractic adjustment can help treat:

1. Whiplash- this occurs when your neck is forced to move beyond its normal range of motion due to an impact or a sudden jerking movement. It causes stiffness in the neck, pain behind your ears, and tension in your shoulders.

2. Strain/sprain injuries- these happen when you suffer an injury to a ligament or tendon, usually due to overstretching or tearing it after falling on slippery surfaces. Symptoms include pain, bruising, swelling, and numbness or tingling of the affected area.

3. Muscle injuries- This type of injury is usually caused by a direct blow to your muscles, including punches, kicks, and even being hit with objects. Symptoms include pain that worsens when you stretch the injured muscle, bruising, swelling, severe tenderness at the site of impact, and in some cases even numbness or tingling.

4. Joint injuries- joint injury symptoms include swelling, stiffness, pain in the joint area, and bruising around the injured area due to impact.

5. Postural problems- these issues happen when you sit for long periods of time without moving your body much. Symptoms include back pains that worsen after sitting, neck pain that worsens after prolonged periods of slouching or looking down at your phone or laptop screen, and even headaches caused by muscle tension in the back and shoulders.

6. Sports injuries- sports-related injuries usually happen as a result of overstretching or overusing certain muscles during exercise, especially those who are not properly warmed up. Symptoms can include pain in the affected area, particularly in ligaments and tendons, which worsens with movement or when stretched.


At Gate City Health Greensboro FL., we offer chiropractic services that are tailored to your specific needs so you can feel better. The primary goal of this practice is focused on creating a therapeutic effect by treating the skeletal structure of the body. To do so, many different adjustments are used which are carefully handled in order not to inflict more pain onto an already compromised condition. If you're suffering from stress or chronic pain and want relief, please contact us at (9336) 763-9878 today! 

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