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Chiropractic Care: A Key In Achieving Holistic Health

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Chiropractic care is an alternative form of treatment for many different health problems. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to restore the natural curves in your spine and relieve pressure on nerves. Spinal adjustments facilitate alleviating the pain or discomfort that you are feeling elsewhere in your body.

While chiropractor visits are a great way to stay healthy, insurance companies do not always include chiropractic treatments in the coverage. As a solution, Gate City Health provides the patients with affordable self-pay rates to give an accessible and quality health care service.

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What is Chiropractic Care?

Illustration explaining the principles and benefits of chiropractic care.

The word chiropractic comes from the Greek words cheir (meaning hand) and praktikos (done- namely, done by hand). Chiropractors are primary contact practitioners, which means they can see patients without a referral. They focus on treating spine-related problems with their hands to examine and treat health conditions related to bones, muscles, or joints.

Chiropractors in Celebration, Florida are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions related to the bones, muscles, joints. They use their hands-on clinical examination skills and imaging such as x-rays or MRIs for diagnosis before treatment is appropriate. Chiropractors are trained to recommend exercises and advice on nutrition, dieting, lifestyle changes to treat stress-related injuries. 

As a profession, chiropractic care is focused on your spine and nervous system. It helps relieve pain in the muscles and joints by adjusting them to their proper alignment. Chiropractors are considered patient-centered and hands-on due to this type of treatment.

What is Holistic Health?

The holistic health field is a combination of complementary therapies that have been scientifically proven to work and alternative medicine. It focuses on wellness rather than just treating diseases like other Western medical practices do. Holistic care differs in the sense that it incorporates Eastern philosophy into its treatment for better physical well-being and mental balance. Holistic care is a series of personalized assessment tools such as food diaries or questionnaires about lifestyle habits typically taken when entering chiropractic facilities.

Holistic health is about caring for the whole person through meeting their physical, spiritual, mental, and social needs. A holistic approach to wellness takes into account all of its dimensions. The five holistic dimensions affect your overall well-being. Not being healthy in one dimension always affects the other holistic aspects as well.

To break the five dimensions of Holistic Health, Dr. Preston Danti explains each aspect comprehensively. He provides some tips on how to keep each holistic component healthy.

  • Physical: It is more than just weight or appearance, disease, and pain. Physical health refers to how you care for your body. Your habits and daily routine can either make or break you in the long run. It is also a reflection of your physical health. Choosing to eat healthily and leading an active lifestyle is never easy, but it is worth the work. The health of your physical environment can contribute to how happy you are as well. The air, water, and soil that surround us all play a part in our well-being.

How to be physically healthy?

  • Eat organic, fresh, and nutritious foods.
  • Exercise regularly, at least 15 minutes daily.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid abusive substances.
  • Emotional: Positive and negative emotions will regularly enter our lives, but we must take a step back to understand how they affect us. Maintaining an objective opinion about our feelings as well as others can help in building positive emotional health.

How to be emotionally healthy?

Person practicing mindfulness for emotional health
  • Practice positive thinking.
  • Be aware and express your feelings
  • Perform meditation exercises
  • Stay away from stressful situations, if possible.
  • Social: Social health is deeply rooted in our ability to connect with others and maintain healthy relationships. It also includes making contributions to your community, respecting personal boundaries that you create for yourself, and allowing others the opportunity of caring about you as well.

How to be socially healthy?

Group of diverse individuals socializing for social health
  • Get involved in an organization or community.
  • Learn to set boundaries from people.
  • Spiritual: To be in a state of spiritual health is to have one's mind and body working together. The guiding values, purpose in life, connections with others are all aspects that comprise the intangible part of an individual, which transcends physiology and psychology- spirituality.

How to be spiritually healthy?

Person meditating in a serene environment for spiritual health
  • Have the time to reflect on past decisions and experiences
  • Practice meditation exercises
  • Be connected to nature
  • For religious people, have the time to practice and strengthen faith.
  • Mental: Mental health is not the absence of illness. Stress and anxiety are a part of daily life. More so, good mental health is our ability to handle situations that sets those with sound mental health apart from others who do not have this stable state.

How to be mentally healthy?

Person practicing relaxation techniques for mental health
  • Keep learning
  • Eliminate habits that negatively impact your mental health
  • Try reading

Health VS Wellness

The concept of health and wellness are not synonymous. Health refers simply to a physical body being free from diseases. Wellness, in contrast, refers to the overall balance that includes your physical, social, spiritual well-being amongst many other aspects like environmental factors. Wellness means that one strives for balance throughout his whole life by living following specific values such as love and truthfulness, without striving towards any goal, in particular.

For instance, health is how a person wants to lose weight and achieve lower blood pressure. Once he does this, he is considered healthy. Health is a goal one can achieve while wellness continues for a lifetime in an ongoing process.

How Chiropractic Brings a Difference?

Chiropractor performing spinal adjustment

Chiropractic is a system of alternative medicine that focuses on the spine and its possible relationship to other areas in the body. Chiropractors practice spinal manipulation, which attempts to make corrections through manual therapy by focusing mainly on improving alignment or removing any nerve interference. It is an important commitment for people who are looking for ways to improve their health naturally. Chiropractic care emphasizes wellness without pharmacological interventions and surgeries.

The Principle of Chiropractic states that your body is self-regulating, self-healing and you have the ability within you to heal and be healthy. Here at MaxLiving, the chiropractic principle is what we call the power of Innate Health. Through Innate Health, it allows cells to regenerate without conscious thought or instruction from outside sources such as diet.

Healing is always your priority, and chiropractic care empowers it. Your brain communicates 100% health to your body every second of the day for life, meaning any interference can harm this process. An interference is preventing healing from happening at its full potential. Chiropractors help remove these interferences for people to live with their full potential in terms of health and life quality.

That healing power communicates to your body through the nervous system. The neurological system directs how well or poorly your body functions. It is crucial to have good mental and spiritual health to allow your body to heal itself. Your health is dependent upon whether you allow the innate healing power to work or not. Understanding and trusting this principle of innate health will change the way you view and manage your well-being for good.

Chiropractic medicine believes that subluxation is the leading cause of nervous system complications. Subluxation is the medical term for the misalignment of the vertebrae. When the normal spinal alignment is disturbed, several health conditions might develop, including headaches and migraines. This interference could make regulating your body's well-being and health much harder for you.

To help maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout our lives, we need to take care of ourselves by doing something positive every day. Choosing to live a positive life ensures that good things will follow through. For instance, choosing to eat healthy at a young age benefits people as they age. 

Learning how to heal yourself with Chiropractic is powerful. It is about coming back to live a balanced life and being able to rely on your body's innate abilities for healing. Regular chiropractic care lessens the need for medications or surgery when something goes wrong.

Chiropractors of Gate City Health

Team of skilled chiropractors at Gate City Health

Gate City Health is committed to helping patients achieve true health. We offer a full range of services that are designed to help every individual reach their maximum potential and remove anything from the way, such as inhibitions or lack of support systems.

Gate City Health strives to empower the community by providing them with chiropractic care, healthy diets, and exercise. They aim to help people transform their lives through five essential aspects: an empowered mindset, corrective chiropractic treatment, nutrition of quality food items such as detoxification juices, or nutritional supplements like vitamins.

Dr. Preston Dantoni, D.C.

Dr. Preston Dantoni is a chiropractor and the owner of Gate City Health in Celebration, Florida. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida. Then he received his doctorate degrees from Palmer College of Chiropractic and Scoliosis Correction Clinic at Celebration FL. Throughout his career, Dr. Dantoni has experienced working with different people, performed thousands of adjustments, and provided workshops to numerous patients, usually concerning spinal correction and exercise and nutritional counseling. 

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